ECU & Color QuickCam for Windows???? NO DICE.

Dennis J. Streveler (
Wed, 05 Jun 1996 13:44:34 -0700

Wednesday afternoon

TO CUSeeMe List (here's the latest on my attempts to get CQC working with ECU)
CC Tech Support at White Pine (Brian O'Shea, would you pass this on to the
appropriate folks? Thanks.)
CC Tech Support at Connectix (any ideas about this?)
CC George Kasica (hi George have you had any better luck?)
CC Bill Neisius (of CUDoodle fame... any thoughts about this?)
FR Dennis Streveler


I received the Color QuickCam for Windows today. Setup is reasonably easy,
and quality (as demonstrated by the included applications from Connectix)
seems quite good (at least for the price).

HOWEVER, no dice in using it with Enhanced CUSeeMe (build March 14, 1996).
Several seconds after launch I get an "illegal operation" error from Win95,
and that's that. Ugh. Now I'll have to try to track down the incompatibility.

So visions of being up with a color camera remain elusive for the moment. I
hope a White Pine'r can shed some light on this, and perhaps others can
comment on their early experiences with this device.

Thanks. :(

Some details:
P150, 32MB, Win95
CQC s/n: W2Q186137

1. Had originally installed ECU without any video drivers.

2. Then added Bill Neisius' CUDoodle. (Thanks, Bill!)

3. When I first launched ECU it did launch, but when I checked under
Edit/Preferences/Video, NO video capture entries were listed (not even
CUDoodle) nor did the choice of gray/color appear in that dialog box.
Subsequent attempts to launch (after rebooting) now fail altogether with an
"illegal operation" error.

Not too encouraging... but then again there is always tomorrow!

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