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>> From: "Johs. Langkilde" <>, on 6/4/96 5:24 PM:
>> Hello,
>> Has anyone tried to connect an ordinary video-camera to the computer
>> when using CU-SEEME ? I just got a new camera and I'd like to use it
>> with the program.
>Sure, you will need a video Capture board and the appropiate Cables, but it not
>only can be done, It is done by many.. There are many Vid Cap baords to choose
>from ranging in price from 299.00 to well into the 1000.00 range. I have never
>seen one cheaper then 299. retail, but I could be wrong...

For the CORNELL version, the ProMovie Spectrum by Media Vision is a pretty
good deal at list price of $100 US.

This card is NOT listed in the back of the White Pine Enhanced CU-SeeMe
(ECU) manual, but neither was my Captivator card, and it DID work with ECU.

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