Re: to broadcast or not

Richard Johnson (
Wed, 5 Jun 1996 21:51:16 -0700

What do others think of this? Personally the idea of 100-150 connections
all sending data to one system which then duplicates all of this back to
all 100-150 systems seems rather intense!

Of course, the real way to do this kind of thing would be use multicast
(and probably use the USeeLA software, but that's still under development).
Of course, in order to support multicast everywhere all of your
participants would have to be on the MBone and that probably isn't the case.

Thus, I guess CUSeeMe is probably the best you can do short of multicast.
I'd still test it out first.

(I believe there are ways of interconnecting reflectors to provide more
support over multiple systems. That may be necessary to spread the load.)

That's my $0.02.