RE: to broadcast or not

elliot smith (
Thu, 6 Jun 1996 12:51:17 -0500

Dennis and others,
I put up a few URLs (that you could probably find yourself) about
similar projects: (I think
that's the URL)

I got the impression that for large conferences you need a lot of
computing power at your disposal. Given the poor quality of video
that a lot of cu-see-me users experience I don't think it would be
well worth it to consider alternatives. I haven't looked at freevue
yet (is there a version for Mac?). But why not forget about
video-conferencing and accept the limits of current technology and
instead do a slide show accompanied with audio. This would be a lot
easier. Then all you need is a multi-party phone 'net phone system
and you're all set. For users on slow connections or on slow
machines, this would be better quality than cu-see-me. I don't know
anything about 'net telephonie technologies, but as far as the slide
show, here's what I'd do: Get a web site that can handle as much
traffic as you want and set up a page with an auto-refresh header.
Use a program (there are lots) to ftp up your picture every second or
two. And voila! virtual slide show. The person viewing the page
with NEtscape will see the page refresh every few seconds with a new
picture. It will be clear, undistorted, and even color if you like.
It will take up a lot less resources than a cu-see-me reflector would
take, but to be sure, 150 simultaneous http requests will slow down a
server somewhat. But nothing your typical unix box can't handle I

It's also very easy to set up a web server on your PC for smaller
conferences. I imagine where people could use this for small two-way
multi-party conferences.

I am going to set up an experimental site on a slow mac server for
this today, along with the software and settings files for Macintosh
if anyone would like to download it and instantly set it up. E-mail
me if you're interested.

But as for the audio part of the conference, can anyone suggest anything?

Thank you
-Elliot Smith
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