ECU & Color QuickCam for Windows????

Dennis J. Streveler (
Thu, 06 Jun 1996 11:11:23 -0700

>Once you do this, you should be able to see a second "msvideo1=quickcam.drv"
>line in the [drivers] section of system.ini. This is MANDATORY for ECU to
>find the driver.
>Keep me posted, please. Thanks.
>Bill Woodland (
>Squeek on Undernet IRC
>Channel Manager #CU-SeeMe
>PC only, no MAC questions, please.

Hello Bill and everybody,

How kind of you to help out. Well, I had to do a couple of things to get the
Color QC to work:

1) I did reinstall ECU. It doesn't appear that that had any effect.

2) I had to throw away the old cu*.ini files. I don't know why this was
necessary, but it did the trick.

3) I had to do the trick you had sent me regarding adding the drivers to
Window's system.ini.

Now the thing is running, and I have a choice between CUDoodle (v.0.7) and
QC in the video capture devices list.

Here are some early observations:

1) In order for CUDoodle video capture driver to work when selected, you
must have set the CQC to Millions of colors previously (before switching to
CUDoodle). Otherwise CUDoodle complains that it cannot capture a 16-bit
(Thousands of colors) image and will ultimately crash. (Even though my
desktop is always set to Thousands of colors...)

2) Having selected the CQC as the video device, you had better FORGET about
running anything else on your machine. At this moment ECU is running in the
background (thousands of colors-uncompressed, sharp, local video window
CLOSED, NO connection) and it makes my P150 feel here in Eudora like a 386!
Well maybe a 486-33. Argh!) The keyboard is noticeably less responsive, and
scrolling is a very noticeably slower.

3) The "thousands of colors- VIDEC-compressed" mode appears incompatible
with ECU.

4) The "focus ring" on the CQC is a real hassle. I had a difficult time
getting a sharp picture. (It could be my unit, the focus ring appears
"loose" so it might be defective.)

5) If you don't use "high" sharpness, picture never has sharp focus. The
medium sharpness mode is very soft, and the low sharpness mode appears
completely unusable.

That's it, that's the latest today... At this moment, FreeVue is still
crashing with CQC. And I have not yet tried VDOPhone. I will do these
experiments rather soon.


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