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Joshua Lamorie (
Thu, 6 Jun 1996 16:35:45 -0400 (EDT)

Gidday There Folks,

Here's the story.

Reflector running on P75 running Linux.
CU-SeeMe running on Mac Quadra 840 AV.
SGI Indy, running Network video.

1. Macintosh connects to reflector. Sending, and receiving.

2. Macintosh sees own image (reflector self reflecting - crashes when
this is turned off as well)

3. Macintosh stops sending video.

4. SGI starts nv, begins sending video. Grey Scale, Port 4444 Channel 0 TTL16

5. Macintosh sees the SGI video stream

6. Macintosh starts sending video.

7. Reflector Crashes...

"recvfrom error on nv_ucast_sock: Connection Refused: FATAL ERROR: EXITING"

Does anyone know anything that might be able to help me get this
running. Perhaps it is something about the way I have reflect.conf set
up. Perhaps if I did stuff through MultiCast it would work....

Any help would be appreciated.

As soon as I get it working, I'm gonna make something available
for all linux people... etc.


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