Re: CU-SeeMe v 0.83b3; connectix quickcam; Macintosh 7500 7.5.3

Troy Abbott (
Thu, 6 Jun 96 15:04:49 -0700

I am one of the very people who have been asking this question.

and you are correct with the exception of one person i can honestly say
this site has never answered any of my 7500 questions.

I have a mac 7500 with a b/w quickcam hooked up to the printer serial
port of my computer.

ONLY! when the quickcam is physically connected to the printer port will
cuseeme software recognize that my 7500 video port is available for use,
resulting in 2 switchabe video in sources.

(i would prefer not to have to use the quickcam at all and use only the
7500 video-in with a camcorder but i have not figured out how to yet.) If
i disconnect the quickcam from the printer port i lose my standard 7500
video-in port for use with cuseeme.

im dazed and confused about it and since i am an artist and not a tech im
clueless as to an explanation or a solution.

if you wish to post more questions to me about this and try to figure it
out, i'm game. But i wouldn't count on anyone else in this group. I can
only guess the 7500 didn't sell very well.