Internet HOPS & CuSeeME
Thu, 6 Jun 1996 15:06:40 +0000

Hello All,

After reading all the messages regarding slow refs and the state of
the Internet and not being able to get clear vid etc. I thought I
might make a point. Im sure we are all aware of HOP programs
(TrumpHOP), ISTracer-Route Etc. Has anyone ever done a HOP check from
their ISP,IP to a refs IP. WOW! What a journey. I have been playing around with
this, and it would seem with the amount of HOPS that accur we are
extremely lucky to get the VID that we get with any connection, 28.8
or ISDN. I have both, 28.8 at home, ISDN at work, both into the same
ISP and as would be imagined the only real difference was from
POP><ISP. After that the HOPS are out into the 'net and of course averaged the same speed.
Nedless to say, I think were all doing damn well with what is available to

I, for one am glad that the geniuses at Cornell gave us this
wonderfull product and that WhipePine enhanced it!