One Last time! Color QuickCam w/CUSM workaround

David O. Bundy (
Fri, 07 Jun 1996 07:24:40 -0400

People are still having problems so here is a repost with some more details....

We are working with Connectix to fix the problem so people will not have to
go through this, stay tunned from Them/Us....

Dave B.

After receiving the GPF the customer MUST reboot his system before doing
the following.

o Edit the cuseeme.ini file
The Enhanced CU-SeeMe cuseeme.ini file is located in the \WIN95 directory.

o find the [Capture Settings] section
o change the line CaptureDepth= from 24 to 16
If there is not a CaptureDepth= entry have the user add CaptureDepth=16
The default is 24 and will cause the crash.
o find [Compressor Settings] section
o set CompressorType=SFMC
This is to tell CU-SeeMe to use White Pine Software's color codec.
o save and exit

0 REBOOT if the user has not done so already BEFORE starting Enhanced CU-SeeMe.

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>Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 18:31:49 -0400
>To: (Lee Karge), (Paul Kingston),
>From: (Lee Karge)
>Subject: Re: Color QuickCam w/CUSM workaround
>Hi folks,
>A couple of more things on this subject. Okay a few more than a couple but
>here are eight questions and answers that I have been asked on this subject.
> If a customer calls with the QC crash
> make sure THEY reboot BEFORE running Enhanced CU-SeeMe. Probably best
> to have them reboot before editing the CUSEEME.INI file.
>2) Default CaptureDepth is 24.
> If there is not a CaptureDepth= setting, we default to 24. PUT IN the
> CaptureDepth=16.
>3) Will the Color QuickCam work with the CU-SeeMe Gray codec?
> NO. The CU-SeeMe Gray (Cornell's) codec requires RGB 8 input. The color
> QuickCam only supplies RGB 16 and RGB 24.
> Thousands(Uncompressed) = RGB 16
> Million Colors = RGB 24
>4) Can the customer EVER use Millions (RGB24) with ECU?
> YES. After they get ECU up and running with CaptureDepth=16 you can use
> ECU's Preferences->Video Format button to change to millions.
> Note: This will not set the cuseeme.ini setting to CaptureDepth=24 which
> is OKAY. As long as the customer DOES NOT change the Connectix Colors
> setting to Thousands in another video capture application(e.g. Connectix's
> QMovie32 application that comes with the Color Camera.
>5) What does Connectix's Format dialog box look like?
> Well I won't put the whole box here but I'll print screen it and give it
> to Paul. Relative parts are:
> Titled (by Connectix): "Image Size and Quality"
> Depth Settings: Under "Colors:"
> Thousands(VIDEC)
> Thousands(Uncompressed)
> Million Colors
>6) What is Thousands(VIDEC)?
> VIDEC is Connectix's hardware compression from a special chip inside the
> ColorCam.
>7) Does ECU support Thousands(VIDEC)?
> No! Current versions of ECU do not support hardware compression.
>8) Does the White Pine Color codec allow you to send gray?
> Yes? For those who do not know this, yes the WPSI Color codec does allow
> you to capture in COLOR and send gray (Preferences->Video->Configure(Color
> codec only) Gray radio button.
> BIG NOTE. This gray IS NOT the same as the CU-SeeMe Gray. The compressed
> format is the same as the compressed color and it can only be decompressed
> (and seen) by user that have ECU and the WPSI color codec.
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