Will CQC be able to send "real gray"?

Dennis J. Streveler (strev@mobius.net)
Fri, 07 Jun 1996 07:30:24 -0700

>>8) Does the White Pine Color codec allow you to send gray?
>> Yes? For those who do not know this, yes the WPSI Color codec does allow
>> you to capture in COLOR and send gray (Preferences->Video->Configure(Color
>> codec only) Gray radio button.
>> BIG NOTE. This gray IS NOT the same as the CU-SeeMe Gray. The compressed
>> format is the same as the compressed color and it can only be decompressed
>> (and seen) by user that have ECU and the WPSI color codec.
>David O. Bundy
>VP Engineering
>White Pine Software
>40 Simon St.
>Nashua NH, 03060
>Phone: 603-886-9050
>Fax: 603-886-9051

Hello Dave and the LIST,

This is disappointing. If you can send gray ONLY to those who don't need it
(that is, they can receive color anyway), what good is it? What we need is a
way to send gray from the CQC to those who CAN'T yet receive color. (Of
course the other unsolved part is easily knowing who can or cannot receive
color, since it is a function both of their client and of the reflector.)

Is there any hope that a codec will be added which allows the CQC to send
"real gray" when it is necessary to do so?


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