CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Telemedicine demonstration and

Dennis J. Streveler (
Fri, 07 Jun 1996 14:39:07 -0700

Friday morning



I will be the moderator of a session called:

"Doing Extraordinary Things in Telemedicine with Ordinary Internet Tools"

at the annual meeting of

"ISTAHC: International Society of Technology Assessment in Health Care"


Sunday, June 23, 1996 at 1300-1400 PDT

from the

Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, California.

At this conference I will demonstrate the current state of simple
applications like Enhanced CUSeeMe and Internet Phone and discuss possible
present and future applications in Telemedicine. At that time I will use a
CU dedicated reflector here in California to link together some persons who
are experimenting with or contemplating the use of applications using these

If you are involved in Telemedicine, have access to ECU (with a camera)
and/or Internet Phone 4 (with white-board) and can participate in our
discussions, please email me. Thank you!

My plan is to have four ten-minute segments followed by a general questions
and answers between the audience and the present and telepresent participants.

Possible topics include Teleconsulting in:

Emergency medicine
Home health
Mental health


The audience will consist of international members of the society mentioned
above. This is an international group of health policy makers. "The Society
is concerned with emerging medical technologies as they are developed,
produced, disseminated, applied and costed."


PS Also we will have a limited number of slots open for lurkers who might
like to tune into the conversation at the conference via ECU.

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