Jim Hall (
Fri, 07 Jun 1996 23:43:13 -0400

I realize that the topic of nudity has been killed, and I don't wish to
reopen it. However, I would like to share my company's recent
experiences in the hopes that they could offer some insites and
possible solutions to other companies operating public/private

About two months ago, my employer, Pseudo Programs, Inc., set up a
reflector which we intend to use as a means of broadcasting our brand
of internet *content*. While we were in the testing/preparation stages,
we left the reflector open to all comers.

Due to a combination of circumstances, our ref became a de facto gay
cuseeme sex ref. At first it wasn't a problem, but eventually it became
clear that we were losing control of our ref. We had to do something.
The ref manager changed our MOD announcing that our ref was henceforth
g-rated, that nudity, masturbation, and sexual provocation, etc. were
not permitted and redirected them to another ref.

Finally, I went the extra step, and spent 24 hours on the ref, playing
nudity policeman. Each time someone entered *exposed* I reminded them
that the ref was now g-rated, that such conduct was no longer
permitted, and redirected them to another ref. It was well worth the
time. Most guys apologized and left, or simply adjusted their attire/
camera position and hung out. Interestingly, those who hung out,
actually had a real conversation with me or other folks in the room.
Many expressed their empathy regarding the overuse of "crotchcams",
cruising, and overexposure. Others were good enough to take up our
cause, and said they would pass the word on that our ref, though
eternally gay friendly, was officially g-rated.

Our reflector is now nudity free, and not just in name only.

If folks have comments or questions, please e-mail me directly.

Apologize for the length.


Jim Hall