Dennis J. Streveler (
Sun, 09 Jun 1996 15:21:12 -0700

Sunday afternoon

After a few days experimentation with the new Color QuickCam (for Windows)
and ECU, I am struck by the enormous performance hit which I have
experienced since switching to the CQCW.

With a Pentium-150 32MB machine, when ECU is running (with the CQCW
attached), it is nearly impossible to get any performance from any other
application which might be running simulatenously.

Thus my old combination of simultaenously running ECU (for video) and IPhone
(for audio) is no longer a possibility on this machine.

So, my suggestions:

1) If you are planning to buy the color quickcam, expect that you will be
able to run only ONE application if the camera is active.

2) Don't even THINK of trying to run a color quickcam on anything else than,
say, a Pentium-90.


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