Dennis J. Streveler (
Sun, 09 Jun 1996 21:53:51 -0700

At 10:01 PM 6/9/96 -0400, David I. Sommers, Ph.D. wrote:
>Thanks for the info. The Casio digital camera refreshes at 7 fps and has
>much less processing muscle than a PC. Hmm... I am surely not saying this
>well but am just wondering where the bottleneck is. Do you think it's all
>in the CPU?
>David Sommers

Hi David,

Yeh at the moment, from all indications, it is a CPU bottleneck. Now perhaps
ECU will one day (soon?) support VIDEC compression which is built into the
CQC. Probably all those cycles are going for doing compression in software...

Maybe we'll hear from White Pine and Connectix on this problem...


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