Brian Meagher (
Mon, 10 Jun 1996 07:14:00 -0400

At 03:21 PM 6/9/96 -0700, Dennis wrote:

>After a few days experimentation with the new Color QuickCam (for Windows)
>and ECU, I am struck by the enormous performance hit which I have
>experienced since switching to the CQCW.
>With a Pentium-150 32MB machine, when ECU is running (with the CQCW
>attached), it is nearly impossible to get any performance from any other
>application which might be running simulatenously.

I too am very disappointed with the "performance" of the CQCW.
It hogs the system incredulousy, remains "powered-up" at all times, even
when not using it, as it is drawing power from the keyboard port.

I have a 486dx120, 32megs ram, Win95.
Anyone else care to comment about the CQCW performance?

I'd love to hear some "comparison" comments from B&W Quick Cam owners.


Brian Meagher in Ocean City MD

>Thus my old combination of simultaenously running ECU (for video) and IPhone
>(for audio) is no longer a possibility on this machine.
>So, my suggestions:
>1) If you are planning to buy the color quickcam, expect that you will be
>able to run only ONE application if the camera is active.
>2) Don't even THINK of trying to run a color quickcam on anything else than,
>say, a Pentium-90.
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