Quadra 630 video solution

Kurt Wanfried (wanfried@epix.net)
Mon, 10 Jun 1996 14:39:57 +0500

After several weeks of trying many different approaches, I've finally
succeeded in getting CU-SeeMe running reliably on my Quadra 630.

Many thanks to the many people who replied to my original posting. I hope
this information can help others get online. No thanks to the folks at
White Pine, who claim to have solved this problem yet haven't released a
new beta.

Here's my setup:

Software - The Cornell .80 beta. This is still available on the Cornell ftp
servers. This is the only version that will run without crashing. It
doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the .83 version or Enhanced.
But, in my opinion, running without crashing is a pretty nifty feature.

Video - I can't get the .80 software to recognize and use the Quadra's
built-in video. Instead, I used a QuickCam and its software. I didn't
disable the Apple video driver.

Memory - I have about 10 megs allocated to the program. I can have 8
windows open easy.

Of course I haven't tested this on other machines that use Apple's built-in
video, so your milage may vary. But anyone who's has problems with .83 and
Enhanced on the Mac should try "downgrading" to the older version.

Good luck, CU on the refs

- Kurt