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>Subject: Cuseeme / color!!!!
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>Bill Woodland wrote:
>> Hey! Anyone out there ACTUALLY HAVE one of the color quickcams for WINDOWS?
>> Wanna connect? I want to see the quality of it in person.
>> Iv got my color QC working , only happy to send some color your wayyou
have been most helpfull in geting cuseeme going Bill
>dont you have a reflector? Iv been on the internet cafe alot now
>seems like alot of color users on that site...

Thanks for sending me that set of screen captures. I'm not very impressed
with the way the Color Quickcam works with CU from looking at those
pictures. I think I'm going to wait a while before getting one. Besides
that, I only have a 486/80, so I'm not sure I have enough power, according
to the things you and Dennis Streveler have said.

As far as a reflector goes, no, I don't run one, tho I would like to. You
(and you wouldn't be the first) might have me confusd with STREAK (Jason
Williams) who runs the reflector at the University of Texas. Jason and I
are fairly good IRC friends, and have met several times in person, since we
both live in Austin, Texas. Lots of people get us confused, tho, since our
nicknames look so similar.

I might have a reflector up in the next few months, depending on what the
higher ups at my office decide after we convert all of our PCs to Windows
95, and then there's the COST of the Win95 reflector software to squeeze out
of them. We also have a DEC Alpha that could host a reflector (HINT HINT
White Pine).

For those of you that are interested in seeing the screen captures that Jay
sent me, I will put them in their own section on my web page within the next
few days. The pix Jay sent show the local window, and the same window after
going thru the "connect to self" or loopback. The text inside the window is
blurry on the loopback, and he also shows several different settings for the
"quality". I think anyone interested in getting the CQCW might want to have
a look at this before they decide.

Perhaps you have a few words on this, too. How does your video look thru
loopback? How does the text inside the window look? Are you satisfied with
the QUALITY of picture, even if the cam does take a considerable amount of
cpu time?

One more thing:
A guy in my IRC channel sent this text file to me today, SOME of which is
from the White Pine FAQ pages, and the rest is from his own personal contact
with White Pine and Connectix, so read it and beware:

If starting CU-SeeMe causes a GPF in QCCOLOR.DRV, you must edit the
CUSEEME.INI file, in your Windows directory.

Under the [compressor settings] section, make sure CompressorType=SFMC.
(Mine said CompressorType=WPSG).

Under the [capture settings] section, immediately following the line reading
CaptureDeviceName=<whatever>, look for a line reading CaptureDepth=24; edit
the value to be 16. If the line does not exist (it didn't on my
installation), you must add the line: CaptureDepth=16. It must be AFTER the
CaptureDeviceName= line. This info is from the FAQ in the Support section of
the White Pine web site:

Connectix tech support will NOT supply this fix, but will try to convince
you to buy their VideoPhone software, then send you to White Pine for help.

White Pine claims that the Color QuickCam was rushed to market, and that
three different versions of the Color QuickCam driver were released, each
exhibiting a different set of problems. White Pine's tech support staff has
work arounds for the other problems as well. White Pine claims also that the
slight blurriness of the image that other users receive from your Color
QuickCam is caused by the Connectix driver, and they anticipate that
improved releases of the driver will be available soon to address these
problems. They suggest regular visits to the Connectix web page at:

Be aware that the Color QuickCam currently supports ONLY 24- and 16-bit
color, and therefore is compatible ONLY with the White Pine Color CODEC. It
is NOT compatible with the CU-SeeMe Grey CODEC, meaning you will NOT be
visible to any users of Cornell's release of CU-SeeMe. If Connectix elects
to code 8-bit support into the QuickCam driver, this limitation may go away.
If not, you'll FOREVER be visible only to users of White Pine's CU-SeeMe. It
might be worth dropping a letter to Connectix ... I sure plan to.

If WE don't let the suppliers know what we want, then we are subject to
THEIR interpretation of what we want. WE are the customers, and it's up to
us to tell them what we want. They can't read our minds, and we shouldn't
expect them to do so.

Speak up loudly on this issue!

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