how much did cu-see-me cost?,petition connectix

elliot smith (
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 02:56:03 -0500

Does anyone know how much it cost cornell to develop cu-see-me? Was it a grant?

>Perhaps we could motivate eager CQC users to petition Connectix to
>broaden their codec support? What do you think would be the best way to
>do this? Or do you think sending individual letters is a better way?

Adrian, I don't think Connectix is going to invest the time (and
consequently the $$) to do this unless they see a big market segment
for it. I doubt there are enough cu-see-me users to justify it.
They just might choose to use a different video conferencing
software. It's kind of ironic -- the quickcam is digital, but we
still can't always manipulate these wonderful digital signals as well
as we might like. I say again I think your best bet for getting the
right codec (whatever that is) is for some third party developer to
make one. What about the Cannibal Software guy who made QuickSnap?
Connectix is very willing to supply doccumentation on the quickcam so
if anyone wanted to program it they wouldn't have any problem as far
as that goes. Virtual Web index site.
PGP, Francais/English CS student, MSU, Minot ND, USA