Quadra 630 CU 0.80b2 beta

Kurt Wanfried (wanfried@epix.net)
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 07:14:02 -0400

Mac listers - Since I described my harder than it should be but eventual
success at getting CU-SeeMe to run reliably on my Quadra 630, I've received
several requests for the exact address to find the .80 beta.

I'm glad I looked because the version I'm using (and works so well) is the
0.80b2 version. Here's the address to get it. Be sure to get the Talk
helper that's in the same directory or you won't have chat:


Be sure to turn your "Send" settings (under preferences) down to 28 or
below before trying to connect (I think the default is about 200!) or you
won't be allowed on many refs.

I hope this will help some other frustrated would-be CU-ers.

Have fun - Kurt

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