Re: Quadra 630 video solution

Bill Ryan (
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 08:37:12 -0800

A Macintosh final release demo version is (has been) available from our Web

It works fine on systems with Apple's TV/Video card as well as AV systems
with built-in video.

Please contact White Pine if you have problems as opposed to openly flaming
us on a public mailing list.



>After several weeks of trying many different approaches, I've finally
>succeeded in getting CU-SeeMe running reliably on my Quadra 630.
>Many thanks to the many people who replied to my original posting. I hope
>this information can help others get online. No thanks to the folks at
>White Pine, who claim to have solved this problem yet haven't released a
>new beta.
>Here's my setup:
>Software - The Cornell .80 beta. This is still available on the Cornell ftp
>servers. This is the only version that will run without crashing. It
>doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the .83 version or Enhanced.
>But, in my opinion, running without crashing is a pretty nifty feature.
>Video - I can't get the .80 software to recognize and use the Quadra's
>built-in video. Instead, I used a QuickCam and its software. I didn't
>disable the Apple video driver.
>Memory - I have about 10 megs allocated to the program. I can have 8
>windows open easy.
>Of course I haven't tested this on other machines that use Apple's built-in
>video, so your milage may vary. But anyone who's has problems with .83 and
>Enhanced on the Mac should try "downgrading" to the older version.
>Good luck, CU on the refs
>- Kurt

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