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Dennis J. Streveler (
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 09:30:45 -0700

At 01:24 PM 6/11/96 +1000, Adrian Close wrote:
>Hi Bill,
>Firstly, thanks for your hard work and informative posts on this list
>thus far!
>> Be aware that the Color QuickCam currently supports ONLY 24- and 16-bit
>> color, and therefore is compatible ONLY with the White Pine Color CODEC. It
>> is NOT compatible with the CU-SeeMe Grey CODEC, meaning you will NOT be
>Ah... Doh! I hadn't realised this. I've got a CQC order in the works but
>based on this latest intelligence that may not be such a great idea...
>Presumably this also means that standard Cornell CU won't work with the
>CQC either - or will it?

Not only won't the freeware Cornell version work with the CQC, the Cornell
reflectors won't either. SO if you are considering the CQCW, then make sure
you are also considering the ECU and WP reflectors.

>Perhaps we could motivate eager CQC users to petition Connectix to
>broaden their codec support? What do you think would be the best way to
>do this? Or do you think sending individual letters is a better way?

The CQCW email address at Connectix is We could all
write there, but then again is it up to WP to incorporate the ability to use
the VIDEC compression (hardware compression) that the CQCW uses? I am hoping
that would solve the PERFORMANCE PROBLEM which exists with ECU/CQCW.

>FYI, CQC's will (not yet) retail for $AUS549 here when released!
>Cheapest I can get them is $AUS440... :-( Now, the exchange rate is
>something like $US0.80 = $AUS1 and that don't add up to $229=$549!

YIPES AU$549!?!? That's highway robbery. Maybe we should consider exporting
some of those devices to you down there. Let's see with a suitcase full of
them, I should be able to pay for my trip down there I bet. ;) I'll be in
Brisbane in September if you want to come up from Melbourne for one. But
then again I can't recommend the device to you, anyway.

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>Tracker Software Australia fax: +61 3 9853 9264

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