Dennis J. Streveler (
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 09:30:47 -0700

Tuesday morning

Hello guys and gals. Those of you with CQCW, are you having fun yet??!?

Well, I am just about to throw in the towel with ECU/CQCW. It is NOT a
marriage made in heaven.

My major complaint is performance. On a P150-32MB machine, performance
stinks. (I am sorry I don't know a more polite word to use.) And this is
just not a frivolous complaint. Because the CQCW sucks up so many CPU
cycles, it appears that my machine no longer has the power to service the
LAN properly while the CQCW is fired up. This is a MAJOR problem for me. Now
before you think I have gone looney, I see the packets coming back but they
are not serviced by ECU in time apparently. Thus the CQCW renders my ISDN
hook-up just about worthless. (I would imagine this would NOT be a problem
when using a modem connection, as I sure hope the machine can keep up with a
serial port. Let's hope!) By the way, this "power" drain occurs even when
your video is frozen, even when you are not connected! :(

I understand from Bill Ryan that most of these complaints are peculiar to
the CQCW and not the CQCM (Macintosh). So it might be worth considering the
Mac alternative here for those who have the option to do so. Quite frankly I
like ECU-Mac better than ECU-PC. It is responsive and in many ways more
elegant than ECU-PC as well. (But then again I am an old (!) Mac evangelist!)

But then there is the matter of the CQCW's output itself. On my unit
(perhaps peculiar to me) the focusing ring is loose as a goose and is just
about worthless. Secondly, and most importantly, the colors are blurry (even
at HIGH sharpness) even at its focal plane, and color under various lighting
conditions (natural, halogen, fluorescent and incandescent) has met with
disappointing results. I am very disappointed with Connectix. Their products
up until now have been impeccable, and I am still having trouble believing
they would release this product in this state. In my more paranoid moments,
I have even had the thought that the CQCW is a ECU-killer, and they want to
promote their Videophone instead. Well, I sure hope that is not the case,
since the two products could coexist in different market segments.

But for the CQCW, it does NOT look promising. I plan to try VDOPhone and
Videophone with the CQCW before making my final decision whether to revert
to b&w and return the CQCW. If anybody here is interested and would like to
experiment with me, pls send me a message.

My best advice though for those who are now considering buying a CQCW to run
with ECU: DON'T!


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