Jim Hall (
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 16:16:43 -0400

I thought I might throw in this little tidbit of info one of the guys on
my ref mentioned:

He was obliged to replace some electrical components on his CPU in order
to make his CQCW work on his machine. I want to say it was the voltage
regulator, but I forget. (I will try and get more information from him
the next time I see him.)

He said that the camera required the standard 5V, but that his CPU was
delivering only 3V, as a result, the camera was putting too much draw on
the circuit. He replaced the voltage regulator (?) and his cam works
fine now.

I'm no electronics whiz...but is it possible that this could be what's
slowing down all those Pentium Scream Machines?