Color Quickcam for Windows
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 10:54:07 +0000

Hello All,

Just thought I would let you in on whats up with my wonderful CQC.

This is the WORST piece equipment I have ever purchased for my

I have it operating on a Pentium 90 w/16MB of ram w/WFW3.11 and it
is a resource HOG!, once you have launched CuSeeMe with the CQC
running forget about trying to run anything else period! or for that
matter trying to type, or use your mouse!

After deleting all files from the B/W quickcam I installed the color
version. I started my winsock (Trumpet) and logged into the 'net
only to find that the CQC produces GPF's with its own driver and CuSeeme
(SFMCICM.DLL @ 003:33AE and QCCOLOR.DRV @ 0003:00CD)
I had to install the CQC software 5 times ontop of itself before
these GPF's went away.

What I also disagreed with was they did not leave any support in
there new codecs for xmitting B/W. Which in turn meant that if a ref
wasnt set up for color, I became a lurker. And if the ref was set up
for color, only those with ECU would get vid(albeit very slow).

I did manage to DC with a friend, who inturn sent my image back to me
via CuDoodle. My image was very poor, and it took about 30-45
seconds just to get the first packets of color data through. This
connection was at 28.8 at both ends, through the same ISP.

The next "spam" is regarding the color quality, it is very poor. Unless you
have the "perfect" lighting, such as from say a 60W soft white bulb
directly above you, your vid has hot spots which cannot be compensated
for in the setup of the cam, and "christmas lights" which are
mentioned in the CQC manual.

We'll after all this I'm sure Connectix will be glad to get my CQC
back in the "return to vendor" category from the retailer. This item
should never have been released.

I am going to have to the give the CONNECTIX people a big thumbs DOWN
on this one.

For those that care:

Place of puchase: Fry's Electronics.
Purchase price: $219.95 w/ $30 mail in rebate.

And again, these are just my personal opinions.

ASta all,