Re: Color Quickcam for Windows

Dennis J. Streveler (
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 18:39:16 -0700

At 10:54 AM 6/11/96 +0000, you wrote:
>Hello All,
>Just thought I would let you in on whats up with my wonderful CQC.
>This is the WORST piece equipment I have ever purchased for my
>I have it operating on a Pentium 90 w/16MB of ram w/WFW3.11 and it
>is a resource HOG!, once you have launched CuSeeMe with the CQC
>running forget about trying to run anything else period! or for that
>matter trying to type, or use your mouse!
>After deleting all files from the B/W quickcam I installed the color
>version. I started my winsock (Trumpet) and logged into the 'net
>only to find that the CQC produces GPF's with its own driver and CuSeeme
>(SFMCICM.DLL @ 003:33AE and QCCOLOR.DRV @ 0003:00CD)
>I had to install the CQC software 5 times ontop of itself before
>these GPF's went away.
>What I also disagreed with was they did not leave any support in
>there new codecs for xmitting B/W. Which in turn meant that if a ref
>wasnt set up for color, I became a lurker. And if the ref was set up
>for color, only those with ECU would get vid(albeit very slow).
> I did manage to DC with a friend, who inturn sent my image back to me
>via CuDoodle. My image was very poor, and it took about 30-45
>seconds just to get the first packets of color data through. This
>connection was at 28.8 at both ends, through the same ISP.
>The next "spam" is regarding the color quality, it is very poor. Unless you
>have the "perfect" lighting, such as from say a 60W soft white bulb
>directly above you, your vid has hot spots which cannot be compensated
>for in the setup of the cam, and "christmas lights" which are
>mentioned in the CQC manual.
>We'll after all this I'm sure Connectix will be glad to get my CQC
>back in the "return to vendor" category from the retailer. This item
>should never have been released.
>I am going to have to the give the CONNECTIX people a big thumbs DOWN
>on this one.
>For those that care:
>Place of puchase: Fry's Electronics.
>Purchase price: $219.95 w/ $30 mail in rebate.
>And again, these are just my personal opinions.
>ASta all,

Hi Joe,

Well, I am glad I am not the only one. I couldn't believe this product. I
was sure that there must be something wrong with my machine. It looks like
my CQCW is going back to Connectix, too. Too bad, I had such high hopes for
this product...


PS By the way I am sending a copy of this message to Connectix.

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