Paul Mestern (
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 06:43:56 -0400

As far as I can see this list is becoming outdated. Since
Cornell is no longer going to produce beta offerings it is time to get
the Enhanced CU-SEE_ME from White Pine. They are the ones responsible
for this program now and subscribing to this forum no longer has any
meaning. I have been listening to all the comments from the middle of
February and it seems to me that Cornell can no longer be of any help to
any of us. They may help White Pine develop some new aspects of the
program but only White Pine will come out with beta versions from this
point forward and they are the ones you should be addressing you
questions and comments to. Also if concentrix has messed up with their
CQCW product then they are the ones you should be addressing. As of a
week from today I will be unsubscribing to this list. (to give any of
you a chance to respond to this). For any of you who still want to
complain to Cornell just keep this in mind -- This program is no longer
in the beta testing stage, it is a commercial program now. As with any
comercial program you "Lays down your money and you takes your chances".
If you do not like it send it back and find something different. White
Pine and Concentrix(for the CQCW) both have web pages and that is where
your ire should be taken out.
To Cornell: Thank you for your help in developing this program
but I think it is time for you to take any beta version of this program
off the public access area and shut down this forum. Otherwise people
will get the idea that this beta version is current and you will develop
ill will among the public.
If anyone wants this program from this time on they will have to
pay for it as any of us do after the beta testing stage.