Jonathan Day (
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 14:04:18 +0000

Adam S. Goldstein wrote:
> Well, how bold of you Paul to decide that people should pay for something
> that you had the opportunity to examine for free. There are going to be a
> lot of people acquiring quickcams and other cams in the near future to try
> out the videoconferencing technology on the net, and the beta Cornell
> CUSee-Me makes trying it for free a possibility.

More importantly, how many people here /WANT/ the enhanced version? Lund Uni
broadcasts in B/W, as do NASA. Those with B/W Quickcams have no obvious need
to buy a program that transmits in colour. Why pay $60 (or the local equiv)
for enhancements you'll never use? It'd be like buying a Juggernaught to do
the shopping, or renting the Space Shuttle to cross the Atlantic.

I like the enhanced version, but there is not a /single/ use I can put it to
that I could not use the Cornell version for, just as well. If, as seems
likely, videoconferencing is used in distance-learning, how mnay students
are courses going to lose if they have to pay extra costs like that? The
costs are small, sure, but you'll still lose out.