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> Adam S. Goldstein wrote:
> > Well, how bold of you Paul to decide that people should pay for something
> > that you had the opportunity to examine for free. There are going to be a
> > lot of people acquiring quickcams and other cams in the near future to try
> > out the videoconferencing technology on the net, and the beta Cornell
> > CUSee-Me makes trying it for free a possibility.
> More importantly, how many people here /WANT/ the enhanced version? Lund Uni
> broadcasts in B/W, as do NASA. Those with B/W Quickcams have no obvious need
> to buy a program that transmits in colour. Why pay $60 (or the local equiv)
> for enhancements you'll never use? It'd be like buying a Juggernaught to do
> the shopping, or renting the Space Shuttle to cross the Atlantic.
> I like the enhanced version, but there is not a /single/ use I can put it to
> that I could not use the Cornell version for, just as well. If, as seems
> likely, videoconferencing is used in distance-learning, how mnay students
> are courses going to lose if they have to pay extra costs like that? The
> costs are small, sure, but you'll still lose out.
Paul, Adam and Jonathan have all brought up valid points.
I think we need a CuSeeMe STANDARD and we need it NOW.
My Suggestion:
White Pine: Please change the status of your current offering to
FREEWARE, as the serial # code generator is now listed on EVERY
hacker irc channel, newsgroup and website. Develop a new
version which requires a DIFFERENT register/serial# to work,
or perhaps just offer a "registered version" with additional
features available ONLY by purchase!
As new features are added, you may want to release "plugins"
or updates of older features to the freeware users, but always
keep this crowsd a few releases behind the commercial product.
Cornell: If you are indeed finished with your part of the program,
leave the last version up on your site for downloading and
evaluation, but TELL THE PUBLIC within the program itself
that the testing stage is completed and that WhitePine offers
a colour version for evaluation (as per my comment above).
I would like to hear what other members of this list have to say...
and PAUL: I think the people on this list (especially those two
BILLS that I keep getting mixed up) are extremely helpful to everyone
coming to this list with questions and concerns---- If anything,
they should take the list over from Cornell. This is one of the best
lists on the internet--- not too crowded, loaded with great advice,
interesting questions and intelligent discussion. I have subscribed
to many lists over the past two years and there are ONLY TWO that I
am still with... Pegasus and THIS ONE!
Dave Lucas at LiDaNe