Fwd: CU-SeeMe in WIN-OS/2 Session help needed

David Olsen (dolsen@int1.mhrcc.org)
Wed, 12 Jun 96 10:43:47 +0500

I'm looking for some help on this, too. I do have this working OK on
my work machine (Warp Connect on a Netware LAN with a T1 connection
to the Internet (the HOSTS file solved the problem here). But, at
home I'm using the IAK dialer for a dial connection and get this same
message. Any hints or sugestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

>From: Joe Holt <joedh@ibm.net>
>To: <CU-SEEME-L@cornell.edu>
>Subject: CU-SeeMe in WIN-OS/2 Session help needed
>I can't get past the error message, "Gethostbyname()failed(11001)".
>I have double-checked all the tips in the FAQ, (make sure no 'host'
>files earlier in the path, etc.). No luck. I also had some advice
>from Robin Vley who runs CU-SeeMe on IBM's Dial-up TCPIP, but I use
>Warp Connect's TCPIP (MNTP), and his tips didn't help any. Has
>anyone gotten CU-SeeMe to work on OS/2 Warp? I would really
>appreciate any tips you can give me. I'd hate to give up my OS/2
>over this.