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Adrian Close (
Thu, 13 Jun 1996 00:05:43 +1000 (EST)

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for your reply!

On Tue, 11 Jun 1996, Dennis J. Streveler wrote:

> Not only won't the freeware Cornell version work with the CQC, the Cornell
> reflectors won't either. SO if you are considering the CQCW, then make sure
> you are also considering the ECU and WP reflectors.

So I've discovered... I was wanting to use CU for an in-home video
system (yeah, I know I'm slightly crazy and have way too many computers
to play with!) but when I looked at it: ECU = $69 per copy, WP reflector
= $AUS500 or so for 10 users (and they apparently don't have anything
less than a 10 user licence).

So much for the home hobbyist and 'net trail-blazer approach. Sigh.

> The CQCW email address at Connectix is We could all
> write there, but then again is it up to WP to incorporate the ability to use
> the VIDEC compression (hardware compression) that the CQCW uses? I am hoping

Ah... I hadn't heard about the VIDEC thing. Maybe it is up to WP to
support it, but I do think it's reasonable to expect an 8-bit grayscale
video codec from Connectix for the CQCW. Not everyone out there (as you
are well aware) has ECU for receiving colour vid, nor do the majority of
reflectors support colour streams (fair enough, given the cost).

> that would solve the PERFORMANCE PROBLEM which exists with ECU/CQCW.

Would it? I would hope so too. My antique VideoBlaster does a fine job
of capturing colour vid into 8-bit colour AVI files - why can't the CQC?
OK, so the CQC has the extra job of being a cam but...

> YIPES AU$549!?!? That's highway robbery. Maybe we should consider exporting

Yup. Agreed. In fact, I'm already on the case! <grin>

> them, I should be able to pay for my trip down there I bet. ;) I'll be in
> Brisbane in September if you want to come up from Melbourne for one. But

Really? What will you be doing in Brisbane? I do quite like a quick
drive here and there and I haven't been to Queensland in a while...

> then again I can't recommend the device to you, anyway.

Yes, so I see from traffic on this list. I was going all out to get one
but now I'm not so enthusiastic. Maybe I should get a greyscale QC
instead for the moment? Any problems with them?

Best regards,

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