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Wed, 12 Jun 1996 08:38:44 -0700

At 12:05 AM 6/13/96 +1000, Adrian Close wrote:

>> YIPES AU$549!?!? That's highway robbery. Maybe we should consider exporting
>Yup. Agreed. In fact, I'm already on the case! <grin>
>> them, I should be able to pay for my trip down there I bet. ;) I'll be in
>> Brisbane in September if you want to come up from Melbourne for one. But
>Really? What will you be doing in Brisbane? I do quite like a quick
>drive here and there and I haven't been to Queensland in a while...

Well, I have guest lectured numerous times at QUT and at UQ. I really like
the state, reminders me of California some years ago. And I also have a
medical client in BNE. Sure, it looks like I will be in SYD something like
Sep.19 and BNE something like Sep.27. I would dearly love to make the trip
to Kakadu this time, but as usual I don't know if I can find the time to get
up there. I am planning a car trip from SYD to BNE.

>> then again I can't recommend the device to you, anyway.
>Yes, so I see from traffic on this list. I was going all out to get one
>but now I'm not so enthusiastic. Maybe I should get a greyscale QC
>instead for the moment? Any problems with them?

The grayscale works fine! I can get them here for about US$50 in quantity of
100. Maybe I should bring a suitcase of them???!

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