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Wed, 12 Jun 1996 11:12:32 -0700

> From: Paul Mestern <>, on 6/12/96 6:43 AM:
> As far as I can see this list is becoming outdated. Since
> Cornell is no longer going to produce beta offerings it is time to get
> the Enhanced CU-SEE_ME from White Pine. They are the ones responsible
> for this program now and subscribing to this forum no longer has any

My my my, Another person without a clue. And How nice of you to make choices
for everyone. The net is changing, and it folks like you that are changing it.
People learn how to point and click and get on line.. to bad its not like is
was and you actually had to know what you were doing to get online. Thanks AOL
and the rest! Hey pal do you know what "
ty before you buy" means? Oh thats right yoiu got your free try, the heck with
the new Cam owners, why should they get a try at it for free before they buy...

Is this a flame.. yep... But I could have been nastier about it... I have been
around a long time... But again, thanks for letting Cornell and the rrest of
know how you feel, after all its your opinon that most matters