Re: no greyscale with CQCW

Yvonne Evans (
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 18:51:07 -0400

At 9:46 AM -0400 6/12/96, Adrian Close wrote:
>On Tue, 11 Jun 1996, Bill Ryan wrote:
>> This is only true for the Windows version of ECU.
>> The Mac version of ECU in comb. with color quickcam works fine using either
>> the gray or color codec(s).
>Hmm.. interesting news. Maybe I will go out and buy that Mac after all!
>What sort of Mac hardware do you think would be the basic requirement for
>the CQCM? Would an LC do? Or do I need a Quadra or something better?
>(I'm a complete Mac newbie...) And if I do that, can I use my existing
>ECU serial number with ECU for Mac?
>Thanks for any help here.

To run a color quickcam for the mac you need a 68040 machine minimum, the
book says 68020 but I have heard it is mega slow, System 7.1, 8mb ram,2 mb
harddisk space, one free serial port and one free ADB port. I am not sure
what you are refering to ECU serial number. I got the Color QuicKCam and so
far I am happy with it. I have tried to run the beta vers of the Enhanced
Cuseeme software but it kept freezing my comp up. I hope I have helped you
Yvonne Evans

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