Re: Video Capture Problems With The Pentium Pro

Bill Mikulic (
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 16:02:58 -0700


Intel has had problems with EVERY PCI chipset released to date!

Some of the difficulties are mere annoyances others were serious flaws.

The Pentium Pro is no better either, the first revision of its PCI chipset
caused\imposed slow performance.
To their credit [Intel] appears to correct the bugs in the subsequent
releases of any given PCI chipset.
To their discredit Intel never publicizes these technical oversights.

Vendors in their zeal to be the first to market ignore or are ignorant of
these glitches.
Since Intel is practically the only game in town (Asian microchip producers
are attempting
to make inroads in this market) for PCI chipsets every manufacture\vendors is
subject to their [Intel's] technical ineptitude

Perhaps the prudent thing to do is avoid any revision one of any Intel PC


At 08:54 AM 6/12/96 -0800, M3 Sweatt wrote:
>I've been using CU on Macs and PCs. I have heard recently that there may
>be problems using some PCI video capture cards in PCs with PCI chipsets,
>specifically the new Pentium Pro. Details are sketchy, but here's what I
>have so far...
>Pentium PCI Chipsets
> Neptune- Difficulty digitizing images larger that 320X200
> Triton- No known problems
> Triton2- No known problems at this time
>Pentium Pro PCI Chipsets
> Orion- Can only digitize very small black and white images (< 128 X 96)
> Mars- Should fix problems currently with the Orion chipset (but not yet
>Anyone have any info on this problem?
>Thanks ---
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