White Pine ad... Net Guide mag, 7/96 p.106

Dennis J. Streveler (strev@mobius.net)
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 17:54:42 -0700


I've noticed the ad which White Pine has used to promote CUSeeMe.
Personally, I think it has several inaccuracies. I'd like to check out
other's reactions:

1) First, on the monitor shown, in a home setting (?), there appear three
perfectly formed color windows for three participants. Now unless this guy
is in a dorm room with his own T1 line, I doubt whether this can/will ever
occur. I think this ad would have been more appealing, and certainly more
accurate, if it showed a couple of missing pixel-blocks, a couple of
fireworks displays (as I have come to think of some color pictures on CU).
This television-like depiction sets up unreasonable and unattainable
expectations for the majority of buyers.

2) Second, the copy of the add says "it runs over 28.8 modem (14.4 for audio
only)..." I think this is inaccurate. I cannot get sustained audio at
ISDN-128k much less at 14.4k using ECU. There are still serious problems
with the audio in ECU.

3) Finally, the tag line of the add says "Now, You Can See What I'm Saying".
Well, I guess that is true if you know sign language. Seriously, ECU is a
video tool, and regrettably has unusable audio at this time.

Anybody care to refute, or corroborate, my impressions?


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