Re: CU-SeeMe in WIN-OS/2 Session help needed

Larry Miller (
Wed, 12 Jun 96 23:53:50 +0500

On Tue, 11 Jun 1996 21:35:30 PST, Joe Holt wrote:

> I can't get past the error message, "Gethostbyname()failed(11001)". I
>have double-checked all the tips in the FAQ, (make sure no 'host' files
>earlier in the path, etc.). No luck. I also had some advice from Robin
>Vley who runs CU-SeeMe on IBM's Dial-up TCPIP, but I use Warp Connect's
>TCPIP (MNTP), and his tips didn't help any. Has anyone gotten CU-SeeMe
>to work on OS/2 Warp? I would really appreciate any tips you can give
>me. I'd hate to give up my OS/2 over this.
Joe and Others..

What you want to do is :


After logging in, mark and copy your 'local ip address' (just the
address of course) from PPP. Paste this address into your
tcpip\dos\etc\HOSTS file along with the hostname you SET in CONFIG.
This works great for me. Theoretically you should be able to automate
pasting in your current IP Address into HOSTS with a couple lines of

I've also got the SET HOSTNAME=AnyHostName in my autoexec. file for
this session. And make sure your SET ETC= statement points to the place
your HOSTS file resides.

This has been working for me to a point. After differing amounts of time,
I am not able to close open video windows and begin to lose the ability
to type anything in the chat window. So far I'm stumped on this..

Let me know how you make out.

Larry Miller
Reston, Virginia 70162,1063 Compuserve