Re: White Pine ad... Net Guide mag, 7/96 p.106

Alex Watson (
Thu, 13 Jun 1996 07:15:23 -0500 (CDT)

> 1) First, on the monitor shown, in a home setting (?), there appear three
> perfectly formed color windows for three participants. Now unless this guy
> is in a dorm room with his own T1 line, I doubt whether this can/will ever
> occur. I think this ad would have been more accurate, if it showed a
> couple of missing pixel-blocks, a couple of fireworks displays (for
> color cuseeme)....

and a fat naked guy in a window.

> This television-like depiction sets up unreasonable and unattainable
> expectations for the majority of buyers.
> 2) Second, the copy of the add says "it runs over 28.8 modem (14.4 for audio
> only)..." I think this is inaccurate. I cannot get sustained audio at
> ISDN-128k much less at 14.4k using ECU. There are still serious problems
> with the audio in ECU.

The video would be decent for all the different "Mime" schools around the

> 3) Finally, the tag line of the add says "Now, You Can See What I'm Saying".
> Well, I guess that is true if you know sign language. Seriously, ECU is a
> video tool, and regrettably has unusable audio at this time.

Should have a tagline that says, "Hel---bean---att--ack---bih---dog---
Caw---oleece! AAAAAAAAAAAH!".

> Anybody care to refute, or corroborate, my impressions?


In all seriousness, it's the best, and it's not the software that is
limiting, it's the internet! I have an ISDN 128k also, and I rarely get
better than a 28k connection to some of these reflectors.