JayHill (
Thu, 13 Jun 1996 07:42:58 -0700

> More importantly, how many people here /WANT/ the enhanced version? Lund Uni
> broadcasts in B/W, as do NASA. Those with B/W Quickcams have no obvious need
> to buy a program that transmits in colour. Why pay $60 (or the local equiv)
> for enhancements you'll never use?

1) the demo ver. of whitepine 2.01 lets you see color as well
2) there will be alot more color senders on now that there is
the low cost colorquickcam
3)NASA needs to start sending in color ( must be a reflector thing )
nasa allready has it's own color satalight signal up 24/7
4)I think the WP cuseeme is alot better and less bug'e then the
OLD cornell .83 ver.
5) whats that Lund Uni ??? whats the IP ?