Expected performance:PC to Mac Point to Point Connection?

david raedy (DRaedy@gnn.com)
Thu, 13 Jun 1996 14:34:28

Before I buy a quickcam and the software, could anyone comment on
whether the following configurations would result in some sort of
reasonably acceptable performance in a point to point connection?

Pentium 83 Mhz Overdrive PowerMac 6100/66
Windows 3.1 System 7.5
8 megs RAM -->connecting to--> 16 Megs
B/W Quickcam B/W Quickcam
28.8 dial up connection 28.8 dial up connection
Running ECU, and Running ECU, and
Using IPhone for audio Using IPhone for audio

I understand that a whole range of factors can affect
performance, but would this configuration generally yield, say,
better than 3fps along with full duplex audio for an extended
period of time, or am I dreaming?

I investigated most of the web pages listed in Squeek's FAQ
without success; I hope this isn't addressed somewhere else.

Thanks in advance,
Dave Raedy DRaedy@gnn.com