Larry Chace (
Thu, 13 Jun 1996 16:07:41 -0400

As one of the CU-SeeMe developers at Cornell University, I'd like to make a
few comments about this interesting subject. These are *my* comments and
should not be taken as an official statement of the CU-SeeMe development
group, of Cornell University, or of any other entity or group (or group of

While we've been fairly quiet over the past few months, we *have* been
reading the CU-SeeMe discussion list postings and we have been doing some
coding and design work. In effect, we've "taken a break" while White Pine
Software has been releasing its various versions of Enhanced CU-SeeMe.
We've also had some personel changes and some new project areas have opened

We have a new Mac version in alpha test at present (you Alpha Testers --
please send in your cards and letters "real soon now"!!!). While not a
major update, it *does* integrate the Chat window, similar to the Windows
version, and it also includes corrections for several causes of crashes,
bumps, grinds, and other problems.

That version will become "beta" fairly soon (and for us, "beta" is about as
close to "production" as we've gotten so far!). After that, we will be
alpha-testing a Macintosh version that includes native support for Open
Transport, which should provide a performance boost. After that we will be
working on some other changes that should help provide a more effective
multi-user environment, one that is free of interference from unwanted
participants (as has befallen some conferences, sad to say).

There are also some additional performance and reliability changes in the
works, but they are not yet scheduled for a particular release.

Our group is small and, as we have stated several times and in several
places, we simply cannot support each and every variety and combination of
processor, digitizer card, camera, microphone, and so on; we'll continue to
try to support the most common stuff. We also don't have the resources to
keep refilling the "clue dispenser", but we will try to clean up some of
the more often encountered rough edges.

White Pine Software, on the other hand, is interested in making CU-SeeMe a
real product, and they have invested substantial time and effort in that
regard. They have produced real documentation, something that we just were
never able to do, and they are able to support a great many more
configurations than are we.

If you want to see their version succeed and grow, then buy it!

So, the bottom line, for this developer, at least, is that we haven't
"moved on", abondoning CU-SeeMe, but we also realize that you cannot see
what we've been doing.

As always, "thank you for your support". And remember, I didn't *promise*

Larry Chace ( Member, CU-SeeMe development group