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Subject: CU-SeeMe under WinNT sending video. Help appreciated.
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I have to implement a 62 nodes Videoconferencing system on a Windows NT
Network using CU-SeeMe technology.

Does anybody knows if Enhanced CU-SeeMe runs under Windows NT SENDING

1.- Which Video Capture Hardware can I use ?

2.- Does Connectix Color QuickCam has NT drivers ?

As far I Know the two capture boards having NT drivers -as Microsoft has
pointed out- are:

VideoSpigot from Creative Labs. This card is currently discontinued.
Truevision Bravado. It doesn't run with CU-SeeMe.

It seems I have no option unless anybody could answer these questions:

Which else capture boards have NT drivers?. or..

Does anybody know a seller still having Creative VideoSpigot in stock?. I
need 65 pieces.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanx, Jorge

Thanx, Jorge