It is NOT time to move on

Bill Woodland (
Thu, 13 Jun 1996 22:48:08 -0500

Thanks to Larry Chase for his most timely and enlightening post here. His
message echoes my thoughts almost exactly.

I have really enjoyed using CU-SeeMe and helping to support it. I have made
many friends thrum this, and gotten lots of very complimentary letters from
people who have found the answer to their problems either from my web page,
my posts here, or from posts sent directly to them.

Don't get me wrong....I am NOT going anywhere, and neither is the Cornell
development team.

I have been corresponding with someone at Cornell, and have been told that
there should be an "official" message from Dick Cogger sometime fairly soon
regarding their plans, etc.

These guys have been extremely busy lately, and a lack of posts from the
development group should in NO WAY be taken as a sign that they have dropped
the project. Stay tuned for further developments.

Now I'd like to respond to a few of the specific comments regarding this issue:

>They (Cornell) may help White Pine develop some new aspects of the
>program but only White Pine will come out with beta versions from this
>point forward and they are the ones you should be addressing you
>questions and comments to.

Not true. Cornell will continue to work on the project as long as their
funding from the National Science Foundation, and some of the profit from
the sale of the White Pine version goes back to Cornell to assist with this
funding. If you want to help the Cornell team in their development, PAY FOR
THE WHITE PINE VERSION. I did, and I'm glad that I did. The enhancements
were well worth the cost of the program.

>Also if concentrix has messed up with their CQCW product then they are the ones
>you should be addressing.

This is true. From what I've heard, the Color Quickcam for the Macintosh
works very well, and doesn't suffer from the same resource problems as the
Windows version. Since the two cameras are VIRTUALLY the same, this leads
me to believe that the problems with the Windows version are probably due to
the driver. If all of you that are interested in getting the Color Quickcam
for Windows would email CONNECTIX, maybe they will see how serious we are,
and will put the effort necessary into correcting the driver. If they find
out how much influence the members of this list have regarding the sale
and/or promotion of their camera, they might actually join this list and

Regarding Connectix's VideoPhone, I don't know this to be a fact, but I
would think that it should be using the same driver, and should demonstrate
similar problems. If anyone out there has both the color quickcam AND
Videophone, I would love to hear from them about this. Also tell me how
well the CQCW works with the QuickmMovie and QuickPic programs.

>White Pine: Please change the status of your current offering to
> FREEWARE, as the serial # code generator is now listed on EVERY
> hacker irc channel, newsgroup and website. Develop a new
> version which requires a DIFFERENT register/serial# to work,
> or perhaps just offer a "registered version" with additional
> features available ONLY by purchase!

I agree that this is a major problem. I'm sure that White Pine will be
doing something soon to make it harder to crack this registration, and the
new releases will have a way to authenticate the serial number for the REAL
paid for copies.

>and PAUL: I think the people on this list (especially those two
>BILLS that I keep getting mixed up) are extremely helpful to everyone
>coming to this list with questions and concerns---- If anything,
>they should take the list over from Cornell.

Thanks, but no thanks. I spend enough time just replying to messages sent
directly to me, and I bet Bill Neisius has a similar problem. I'm not
saying that you should stop emailing me, but I definitely don't have the
time to manage this list, but I appreciate your confidence in me. Cornell's
web page is another matter....I would love to add a lot of my stuff to it.
Besides, doing HTML is much less time consuming than managing a mailing list.

>I think you have missed one of the main purposes of this list. It is a
>discussion forum for users and potential users of all versions of
>CuSeeMe. In the great tradition of the Internet, people help others
>solve their problems regarding getting something working properly, and
>also share their experiences, both good and bad, for the benefit of all.

YES! The Cornell development team doesn't have the time to write code AND
do support, and they have to depend on the members of this list to help each
other. This mailing list is also where new ideas can be suggested, and
cussed and DIScussed. This helps Cornell decide what kind of things WE, the
CUSTOMERS want and need. Forget the fact that we don't have to pay MONEY
for the Cornell version...we are customers none the less.

>More importantly, how many people here /WANT/ the enhanced version? Lund Uni
>broadcasts in B/W, as do NASA. Those with B/W Quickcams have no obvious need
>to buy a program that transmits in colour. Why pay $60 (or the local equiv)
>for enhancements you'll never use?

*I* want the enhanced version, and so do lots of other people. I no longer
have a color camera or the Captivator card that I used with it, but I would
much rather see other people in color than in b&w. The Cornell version
doesn't support the RECEPTION of color, much less the TRANSMISSION of it,
and their reflector doesn't support it either. Whether I transmit in color
or not, I would like to RECEIVE in color whenever possible.

Besides this, color isn't the only enhancement that White Pine has made to
CU-seeMe. Their codecs are more efficient, both video and AUDIO, and their
enhancements to the reflector program support these codecs, correct a lot of
byte-wise errors in the Cornell reflector, and also reduced the amount of
OpenContinue traffic, which helps cut down on bandwidth considerably.

The Cornell version has lots of shortcomings, as we all know, but it's the
collaboration between Cornell, White Pine, and the members of this list that
will result in the development of a first rate video conferencing program.

By the way, I donated my Captivator card to KLBJ 93.7 FM here in Austin
(, Texas so that they can use CU-SeeMe to show
some of their guests and DJs using CU-seeMe. Look for Dale Dudley, Bob
Fonseca, and Debra Cole soon at a reflector nearest (?) you :)

I now return you to our regularly scheduled broadcast.

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