How Freasible?

Michael Branagan (
Thu, 13 Jun 1996 22:05:35 -0500

I want to run point-to-point protocol from a powermac (with a T1 line) to a
powerbook (modem), using the new Connectix Color QuickCam, Apple AV
microphone & Cu-SeeMe (latest beta).

It's obvious in my first test that a 14.4 modem gives audio OR video.
Period. No complaints, frankly I wowed with either.

1-Will a 28.8 modem fix the problem? 2-Should I get the new 34.4 modems
coming out? Obviously, faster (in theory) is better. 3-Should I get the
new White Pine Enhanced Cu-SeeMe software?

For InterNet video conferencing, at THIS moment only, color is unimportant
... I bought the COLOR (vs b/w) QuickCam for the future. Right NOW I'm
interested in decent 16 shade B/W video & unbroken duplex audio.
Non-duplex audio is OK, if going to non-duplex improves everything else.

Any answers ... will summarize.