Lots of old pixels?

Mick Spencer (nspencer@epix.net)
Fri, 14 Jun 1996 14:23:33 -0400

Hi all,
I just started using cuseeme (I'm using v W0.84). I'm also brand new to this list.
Please be gentle...

It seems that no matter what reflector site I log onto, I always see 'old' blocks of
pixels in the sender's windows, i.e. they are either not being sent or I'm not getting
them. Is this because of 'lost packets'? I never see anything other than 0 in the
'lost packet' column for the sender's window? Does this feature work and/or what is it
supposed to represent? Also, could the pixel problem be due to a poor phone line? (I
can connect to my ISP at 28.8 about half the time, 26.4 the other half.) The problem
varies (from sender to sender) from slightly bothersome to complete garbage, although it
does make for some neat Picasso-like pictures sometimes...

Also, what should I typically see for frames/second and transfer rate?

If this stuff is answered in a FAQ somewhere, I would appreciate it if anyone could
point me to it. TIA...

Mick Spencer mailto:nspencer@epix.net
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