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>Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 22:05:35 -0500
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>Subject: How Freasible?
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>I want to run point-to-point protocol from a powermac (with a T1 line) to a
>powerbook (modem), using the new Connectix Color QuickCam, Apple AV
>microphone & Cu-SeeMe (latest beta).
>It's obvious in my first test that a 14.4 modem gives audio OR video.
>Period. No complaints, frankly I wowed with either.
>1-Will a 28.8 modem fix the problem? 2-Should I get the new 34.4 modems
>coming out? Obviously, faster (in theory) is better. 3-Should I get the
>new White Pine Enhanced Cu-SeeMe software?
>For InterNet video conferencing, at THIS moment only, color is unimportant
>... I bought the COLOR (vs b/w) QuickCam for the future. Right NOW I'm
>interested in decent 16 shade B/W video & unbroken duplex audio.
>Non-duplex audio is OK, if going to non-duplex improves everything else.
>Any answers ... will summarize.

1:Yes, a 28.8 will help tremendously, but don't expect to get CD quality, or
even FM quality audio with it. Most CU users will tell you that audio just
isn't worth using in CU-SeeMe, but that you can use Iphone in conjunction
with CU for much better results. I haven't actually used that combo myself,
but have heard from several people that it works well with CU.

2:The 34.4 modem will only connect at 34.4 if the modem that you are dialing
INTO also supports that speed.

3:Yes, the White Pine version has better audio and video codecs. Use the WP
version on both ends, and Iphone for the audio, and you might be able to
live with the results.

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