Re:PLEASE HELP ASAP! QuickCam for PC via PPP?

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>Subject: PLEASE HELP ASAP! QuickCam for PC via PPP?
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>I purchased a couple of Connectix Quickcam cameras with parallel port
>interfaces to use with CU-SeeMe for Windows, only I don't see that as one of
>the acceptable PC configurations on your web pages. Will it work, or do I have
>to purchase video capture boards and another video camera? Which version
>number do I need and where can I get it?

The black & white Quickcam IS supported by CU-SeeMe, both the Cornell and
the White Pine version. Get the Cornell version from or the White Pine version from

>Is Audio now fully supported on the PC?
>My wife and daughter will be moving overseas (from New York to the
>a few months ahead of me and if I could communicate with them through this
>program, it would be godsend.

Fully? See my previous post regarding CU and Iphone.

>One PC is a 486DX4-100 with a SoundBlaster 16 card, and one is an NEC Ready
>166MHz Pentium with a great sound system.
>ALSO, my internet connection is dialup SLIP/PPP (the latter I think) via 28.8
>kbps, although some phone lines in the Philippines are still limited to 14.4
>kbps. Will CU-SeeMe work via SLIP/PPP, and what limitations would 14.4 put on
>Please answer quickly as they are leaving on July 6th and I still have to test
>and teach them all this stuff. Thank you.

Yes, CU-SeeMe will work with a SLIP or PPP connection as long as you use one
of the supported TCP stacks. This is straight from COMPAT.TXT:

>* Netmanag Chameleon
>* Trumpet
>* FTP Software's PCTCP
>* Microsoft's winsock stack
>* Microsoft's Windows '95 tcpip client
>The following winsock stacks have had problems:
>* Beame and Whiteside - does not work at all.
>* LWP - Lan WorkPlace for DOS - Many people have had problems. We
> received the following report about an IMPORTANT configuration detail
> required for CU-SeeMe. In the NET.CFG file you can specify the number
> of sockets for TCP and UDP. You must change this number to 30 or less
> in order for CU-SeeMe to work:
> tcp_sockets 30
> udp_sockets 30
> raw_sockets 1

14.4 will SEVERELY limit your bandwidth. If all you really need to do is
type to them you might want to look into IRC or Wtalk. Both of these apps
work fine on 14.4 modems.

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