Re: CUSM Development ****** NEW EXTENSION ******

Joshua A Romandia (
Sat, 15 Jun 1996 11:18:59 -0700 (PDT)

On 6/15/96 John Grant Wrote:

>>>>Hello Joshua,

I read your posting in the CUSM Digest. I am not in a position
to assist you technically in your proposal, but I have been looking for
an investment opportunity in 'net technology, specifically
videoconferencing and CUSM-like products. Please let me know in as much
detail as you can what you are doing and if investment opportunities
exist for your effort.

-John Grant <>


Mr. John Grant.

Hello. I would first of all like to state that CyberCo has
investors, as of this point, who are creating a stronghold within the
Financial situations of this EXTENSION project.

I am most certain that no new Investors are being established,
however this would possibly change if the Equity Holdings one wishes for
are reasonable.

Along the orders of over $100k have been invested by single
Individuals. This meaning that any additional investments must be made to
climb above such investments as the one explained above.

I am sorry to say that no Information is available to the public,
due to the Powerful Potential this Extension will be bringing to CU-SeeMe.
Please note that an IPO will not be to far off in the future, 18-20 months.

We can expect that CyberCo will rise much farther above the skyline
than did Netscape, Yahoo, and other large Internet Related Giants.

If you find any information I have given you interesting or usable,
please contact me. Thank you for your response.

Joshua Romandia

>Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. My name is Joshua
>Romandia. I am Part Owner and Technological Eng. for a company based out of
>Northern California.
>What I am about to ask all of you is a very important question that - one
>of you will soon be very appriciative of. The question is this: My staff
>has designed an extension/app that would work in combination with Cornell
>U's "CU-SeeMe". This extension is like no other that has been created, and
>in our eyes would never be able to be replaced.
>We are willing to pay top dollar for one of you to join our team in
>launching what will soon be bigger than CU-SeeMe itself. We are looking to
>involve you as early as tonight! We need someone that has expirience with
>CU-SeeMe and extension/app writing. We will provide anything/everything you
>need to create our extension.
>Again, I am looking at starting someone right away, being that I myself
>dont have a large time table to work with. E-Mail me @ any of the following
>Joshua Romandia
>Romandia Enterprises
>3803 Yellowstone ct.
>El Dorado Hills
>Ca, 95762
>916 522 5925 (Phone avail. 24/7)