Lost Packets

Mick Spencer (nspencer@epix.net)
Sun, 16 Jun 1996 14:57:56 -0400

Hi All,
I switched to White Pines cuseeme (32 bit) and still get terrible (no better and no
worse than Cornell) performance. (I receive only, no send.) Now that I can see actual
numbers for packet loss, I see that it's usually in the 90+ percent range. What would
cause this? I'm using a 28.8 modem that connects to my ISP at 26.4 or 28.8. I have
tried everything from 10 to 28 as the receive rate. Seems to make no difference (or if
there is any, it must be masked by whatever is causing the problem). Is this likely to
be due to plain old bad connection with my ISP, or my own phone line? Reminds me of the
dreaded 'line noise' we all used to have with BBS's in the olden days. vErY
frustrating. Any ideas?
(In case it matters, I'm running WIN95 on a Pentium 100 machine with 16 Megs memory, but
I have trouble imagining how the system itself could be causing all the 'lost packets'.)

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