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Mon, 17 Jun 1996 19:14:01 -0500
Subject: Re: can't detect quickcam
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The problem is that the CODECs used in the B&W version are different from those
in the color version. In order to do this, you'ld have to re-write the CODEC
algorythms and recompile (theory).
Try dropping Connectix a message and ask them about this. Also, try contacting
the CU-SeeMe mailing list at Cornell University as someone out there might have
a better answer for you.

Good luck,
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delu wrote:
> I've got a p150 running linux 2.0, mostly slackware 3.x, with the latest
> libc and libg++. . .
> I'm trying to get a color quick cam working on the machine. I can't see
> the camera with any of the programs I've tried so far.
> I'm running all as root or via sudo.
> qcam 0.3:
> Qcam not found
> Cannot open QuickCam; exiting.
> nv33b-qcam-linux-elf:
> Qcam not found
> Usage: nv [options] address [port [chanid]]
> or: nv -help to list possible options
> xmqcam.static (1.01):
> Qcam not found
> xmqcam.static: Cannot access the QuickCam.
> xfqam: segmentation fault
> Well, that seems to be it too. Those are the main ones. Anyhow, If I
> try a probe like probeqcam, it says:
> QuickCam not found on 0x378
> QuickCam not found on 0x278
> QuickCam not found on 0x3bc
> Am I doing something wrong? I checked:
> o The connection to the parallel port :-)
> o The connection to the keyboard power
> o The connection between the parallel ribbon cable and the
> motherboard.
> I don't have any microsloth operating system on this machine, so I can't
> confirm that it works otherwise under windows 95 or DOS. The camera is
> brand new. (I have a second one I could swap it with perhaps). . . .
> Anybody know what's wrong?
> Any way to check if the parallel port is hot?
> Any way to look for raw input from the /dev/lp1?
> Did I forget to put anything low-level onto my machine to make it work?
> In other words, can I get by with just the qcam program, or do I need to
> recompile a kernel with some kind of support for the qcam?
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Adam Nicol Delu Omnes-Houston
> Web Information Group
> e-mail: U.S.A.