Re: CU-SEEME connection

Rick Collins (
Mon, 17 Jun 1996 21:39:23 -0230

You didn't look at the email closely. "Christian" is his/her name. A
little defensive??? wrote:
> CH>Hi, I'm Christian and my problem is that I'm not able to connect
> anywhere
> CH>(neither to the NASA TV) using the software cu see me version w0.84B7.
> CH>when I try I get the message:No response from..... (the name where I'm
> CH>trying to comnnect). I've got windows 3.1, winsock version 2.0, compaq
> CH>computer 486dx, ppp connection at 28.8k, the files msvideo.dll and
> CH>ctl3d.dll, my IP address is and do not have any video camera, so
> CH>I can only receive images. Can you help me? thanks. bye.
> So you are Christian?
> Why say that?
> Burt Fisher
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